How To: Gold & Glitter Noel Sign

We’re getting all crafty for Christmas just in time to start decorating! Check out these super easy signs you can make for your mantle piece or table. The best bit is you can personalise them any way you want. We obviously to chose to go with a little sparkle… Enjoy!

What you’ll need

Decoupage letters (we got ours from Daintree on Camden Street)

Gold glitter

Gold paint (we used acrylic as it’s nice and thick)

PVA glue


Paint brush



1. Paint the letters all over in gold paint. Do 2 coats as the top part is glitter-less so you want it looking even. Acrylic paint dries pretty quick so you don’t have to wait too long to do the next coat.


2. Squirt the glue from the bottom of the letter to about half way up and spread evenly with a spatula. As we want to create that ombre effect, don’t make the top bit of glue a clean line so the glitter is a gradual fade.


3. Sprinkle the glitter all over the glued area. We went heavy on the bottom and a little lighter towards the top of the glue for the ombre effect.


4. Shake of the excess glitter and you’re done!




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