How To: Faux Fishtail Hair Braid

If you have ever struggled with braids like us, cheat your way to this cute bohemian fish tale look with this easy tutorial. This style is perfect for a casual evening out!


1. Take a piece of hair from the front and twist it towards the back.
2. Do the same on the other side and secure the hair together in the back with a small, clear elastic.
3. Flip the hair inwards around itself one time.
4. Take a piece of hair from each side just under the first “flip” and secure once again with an elastic.
5. Flip the hair inwards around itself again just like you did on the first one.
6. Continue the same way down the remaining of the hair as many times as you can or want.
7. Pull on the hair to add volume and to hide the elastics.
8. Finish it of with an elastic or like me with a leather string to add to the bohemian feeling.

Credit // Yet Another Beauty Site

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