How To Decorate With Neutrals

When we say neutral, we don’t mean all beige everything. We’re talking different tones of white, grey, earthy creams and coffees mixed with the natural tones from wood, concrete and brick. All of these elements blended with each other can create a serene and tranquil environment that runs through out the house. Think of it as a mix between Scandinavian cool and a contemporary twist on traditional cottage style decor.

1. Ditch the 3 colour rule

The beauty of working with neutral colours is that they all compliment each other so well. Don’t hold back on only using a few different tones, work them all in together using a crisp white as a strong accent tone.


Image // lizmarieblog

2. Think about lighting

With natural light flooding your room, the colours you have chosen might all work well together, but if they’re too similar in tone then it might leave the room looking a little lifeless come nightfall. As cosy as the living room looks below, there isn’t much definition.


Image // digsdigs

3. Mix up your fabrics

Linen, wool, faux fur, tweed, tartan, are all fabrics that work so well together in neutral colour tones and look so inviting too!


4. Mix textures too

As well as playing mix and match with fabrics, apply this to other natural textures such as wood, metal and concrete too, and let their natural colours speak for themselves.


Image // hgtv

5. Add a touch of metallic

If you want to step away from too earthy a feel in your neutral coloured room, use gold, silver, copper or brass to accessorise and give it a more glossy look.


Image // welltravelledwife

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