How To: Create A Wall Gallery

Having a gallery wall is a great way to display your favourite art, prints or keepsakes in your home. It’s more than just hanging a picture, it’s about having all the pieces compliment each other and make a statement collectively than just hung randomly on it’s own.

What You’ll Need:

Favourite art
Variety of frames
Washi tape
Little knick-knacks

1. Collect & Curate

Almost anything can have visual impact when framed and hung-pages from magazines, photos from recent travels and even old love letters can constitute a collection. We recommend keeping the palette simple and using mirrored, black or white frames to make your collection feel cohesive.


2.  Get Centred

Anchor your favourite or biggest-few pieces in the centre, and then slowly work in other artwork around them. Tip: Keep a few inches between the pieces as you hang them—it’s all about organized chaos.


3. The Big Picture

Every so often, take a few steps back and view your wall from another area in the room. Pay attention to how the colour and size of the pieces balance each other out. Use washi tape to fill any unwanted gaps with playing cards, stamps or stickers.


4. All Done

Remember there are no real guidelines or rules when creating a gallery wall—it’s all up to you. Feel free to add or take away pieces as you go on, keeping the artwork relevant to your life. Have fun and enjoy!


Credit // West Elm

Featured Image // Breakfast At Toast

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