How To: Balloon Tassels

Tassles are a great way to pretty-up your giant balloons and make great photo props or decoration at weddings and parties. You can use what ever colour you want but we advise going for what’s in your colour pallet so they compliment the rest of your decor.

What you need:

Hand cut confetti (chop up bits of tissue paper)

3 to 4 colours of tissue paper

Clear round balloon

Gold ribbon

Bicycle pump


1. Taking the relaxed balloon, put a handful of confetti inside of it.


2. Using the bicycle pump, pump until the balloon is full. Then pump in a little more air. This is because when you tie up the opening, you will inevitably let a little air out. Use a gold curly ribbon to tie up the balloon, leaving about 5cm of loose end so we can tie the tassels on later.

3. To make the tassels – take a long section of the tissue paper, approximately 30cm by 10cm, fold the long side into half (so it’s not 15cm by 10cm), then cut strips alongside the long length to make a fringe, always leaving about 3cm at the top, so that the whole piece stays attached. The fringe should be connected by the crease at the top.


4. Now, undo the crease along the top of the tissue paper to reveal a small patch in the middle that is “un-fringed”. Grabbing a side of the fringe with each one of your hands, twist the tissue paper lightly (as if you were ringing a towel). so that the middle patch is now twisted and compact.

6a0120a65f64b9970c01a3fcfa16d5970b-pi5. Bring the two ends of the fringe together, making a loop at the top. Secure the loop with a piece of string or ribbon with a double-knot.

6. When you have finished making all your tassels, string them along with longer piece of ribbon, securing each one in its place with a simple knot. Your tassels are now all connected!

6a0120a65f64b9970c01a3fcfa16db970b-pi7. Now connect your string of tassels to the ribbon you previously left on your balloon, securing with a double-knot again.



Credit // Love My Dress


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