How To Balance Masculine & Feminine Decor In The Home

Tackling interiors choices in the home is often a creative challenge designed to test even couples, even those with similar taste!  The male/female shopping experience can be a painful one, with each having to make big compromises to create their home!  He wants simple and contemporary.  She wants more glamorous with soft tones.  So, in a world where men and women co-habit, is it possible to create the perfect interior that will keep all happy in the relationship?

According to Dulux, a key interiors trend for 2015 leans towards celebrating the best of each sex. When it comes to designing their homes, Irish men and women are both thriving, each exploring their unique distinctiveness, while also acknowledging how the masculine and the feminine can complement each other.

So how can the masculine and the feminine work in harmony in the home?  Can the two tango …?  According to Louise Smith of Dulux, “From a female perspective, traditional feminine hues of damson, powder pink and cream combine extremely well with masculine khaki, slate grey and teal: but they also combine and complement themselves wonderfully when used together. The look here is classic, understated and very sure of itself.”

Dulux has created a ‘Him Her’ palette of colours for their Moda Collection to celebrate the best of the masculine and feminine in the home.  In terms of colour palette, we see the traditional feminine hues from the Dulux moda collection including Almendra (damson colour), Lipsync (a powder pink colour) and Day Dream (cream) which are combined with the masculine Winter Truffle (khaki), Backdrop (slate grey) and
 Tilbury Teal.


Barry Rochford of BoConcept (Beacon and Arnotts) knows how things are changing when it comes to gender equality. Barry comments, “Things have changed a lot in the last five years and I can safely say it is the men who have dramatically changed their whole take on interiors.  In the past the male would only be satisfied once he left with his ‘man chair’ that was likely to be leather and reclining!  Now the male is informed, they know what they want and they’ve done their research.  Programmes such as ‘Grand Designs’ and ‘Room to Improve’ coupled with social sites such as Pinterest, mean the Irish male has a much more sophisticated taste.”


According to interior designer, Avril Murphy Allen, “Advising couples co-habiting with two different styles can be a challenge – In the end most couples compromise to find a solution for their home.  I find different parts of the home can often lend themselves to the more masculine or the feminine.  A study, high activity areas, or TV room will tend to be more masculine, while you’ll often see more female influences in the bedroom.”


To find out more about Dulux colour trends and the moda collection by Dulux, log onto Moda is priced at RSP €38.50 for 2.5L.


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