How To Avoid Split Ends

Split ends, we all hate them, they can make your hair look frizzy and dull but unfortunately there’s no getting rid of all of them. We can definitely reduce them though with these little tips:

1. Choose the right hair bands

When tying your hair up, avoid the hair bands with the metal connection or any ones that are too rough, they’ll pull at your hair and fray the strands. We love these ones in aid of Breast Cancer Month from Kitsch.


2. Trim it

Go for a regular trim at the hair dressers for one of the best ways to discourage split ends. You don’t have to get much off, just enough to keep your hair lovely and fresh.

3. Keep hair hydrated

Using a hair mask every once in a while is a great way to keep hair strong and smooth. Try this affordable Hydrating Macadamia Oil Intensive Mask by OGX.


4. Easy on the heat

As much as we need our hair dryers, straighteners, curlers and whatever else we can style our hair with, take time away from the heat when you can to give your hair a break. If you find those off days tough to handle, try only using one tool, like blow drying your hair straight instead of using a dryer and a straightener.

5. Detangle with care

It’s important to use the right brush on your hair, especially when getting out tangles so you don’t pull and tear your hair. The Tangle Teezer is one of the best on the market.


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