Update Your Home Office

If you have the wonderful job of working from home in your own creative space -we’re very jealous. But if you’re needing to add a little enthusiasm to your little environment then here’s a few things you could try to make getting up in the morning very easy:

1. Personalise

The best way to inspire yourself is my personalising the area around you to keep those creative juices going. Put your logo on the wall, your favourite quote or a picture of the person who inspires you most.


Photo // Brit

2. Organise

Make your working life easier by organising your surroundings and giving everything a home. Utilise your wall space and floor space by hanging things like a calendar and a pin board and adding extra drawers beside your desk where needed.


Image // Bright Bold Beautiful 

3. Don’t Hold Back

Once you close your office door you’re in your own little world, so it’s the perfect space to do whatever you want to. Immerse yourself in your favourite colors and patterns, it’s yours after all!


Image // Pinterest

4.  Be Comfortable

If you’re sitting at your desk for hours you want to be comfortable. It’s not all about a good chair either, soft furnishings like cushions and rugs will make it extra comfy.


Image // Meer Inspiratie

5. All About The Wall

Wall galleries are a great way to add character and spruce up a boring wall. Fill it with your favourite prints, quotes and anything else lovely that catches your eye.


Image // Casa Sugar

Featured Image // At Home In Love

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