Get The Perfect Brows

The wonder of the brow is still at it’s peak but if you haven’t joined the band wagon yet we’ll show you how to get on board. It’s important to remember when shaping your eye brows that you don’t over pluck – you want them fuller so you can shape them better. Now go forth and shape!



Spooly brush or disposable mascara wand, cuticle scissors, angled/slant tweezers, pointed tweezers, brow shadow (taupe for blondes, brown range for everyone else), stiff brow shadow brush, pencil (to line up the angles).


1. With a disposable mascara wand or spooly brush, brush the hairs upward to prepare for Step 2.

2. With a pair of scissors, trim any hairs that are longer than your brow shape.

3. With angled tweezers, pluck areas above and below the brows, grabbing a couple at a time.

4. With pointed tweezers, grab stubborn single hairs and shorter ones.

5. To determine where your brow should start, hold a pencil or make-up brush along one side of your nose.  Where it crosses the inner corner of your brow, that’s where it should begin.

6. Now angle the pencil across the iris; that’s where the arch should begin.

7. Angle it to the end of the outer corner of the eye; that’s where the brow should end.

8. With those angles and lengths in mind, fill in the brows using light, feathery strokes as if you were drawing individual hairs.

Credit // The Beauty Department

Featured Image // Swagger New York

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