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Getting a good nights sleep is one of the most important things in life, no really, it is. You function better the next day, your mood is happier and you know what they say about beauty sleep. The same points apply’s to children – a good nights sleep aids their development during the day and makes them a happier child. If your child is having trouble sleeping it might be because of the fear of darkness – this often develops during toddlerhood or pre-school years – so trying a nightlight in their room could help keep the monsters away. There’s lots of different shapes and sizes available now but they can also be multifunctional. Here’s a round up of our favourites:


1. Balloon Light // John Moncrieff Ltd £150 – We love these wall or ceiling hung nightlights! They’re a great way to add a soft glow to your child’s room as well as being a cool addition to the interior.

2. Boon Glo Colour Changing Nightlight // Little Dreamers €56.95 – This clever little nightlight has removable glow balls which is perfect if your child tends to go to toilet alot in the middle of the night. 

3. Star Wall Lamp // Ikea €7 – A great value night light for hanging onto the wall with a dim bluey glow. 

4. Infant Slumber Buddy // Littlewoods €25 – A cuddly soft bedside companion, it projects a starry scene around the room alongside a lullaby. We’re getting sleepy already.

5. Rabbit Nightlight // Not On The High Street €14.95 – There’s a range of animal nightlights on the market which is perfect for little animal lovers.

Featured Image // Not On The High Street

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