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Although we don’t believe it, we’re in the middle of May (the weather is just messing with us), so this is the time where we’re all looking for a bit of lightness through our hair for the Summer. I hear a lot of people saying “oh Ombre and balayage are gone”, but I don’t think it is ever going to go. Yes I believe the tacky black-to-white hair is gone, but it wasn’t a trend, it was a revolution of highlights, a newly improved way of lightening hair. I’m not saying traditional highlights are completely out either, because there are clients who will always want that highlighted look, but people need to realise all the amazing different versions of blonde you can be!

Every day in the salon, a client will come in and say “I really want to go back to highlights”, without realising the other options out there for being as blonde as you want but with a low maintenance service. This is where the visuals come in! Today I will give you lots of realistic and celeb examples of what each term of blonde means, to hopefully improve your knowledge on what it is you reaaaally want your hair to be like!

Personally, my style of hairdressing is to give each client the best I can give, and the most low maintenance service for them also. Lets face it, who has the money these days to be splashing out on something that’s only going to last 4-6 weeks, I’m a hairdresser and the last time I coloured my hair was a year ago, and I can get it done for free! This is where I explain how you can achieve the best look and keep your money at the same time.

Traditional highlights

Otherwise known as meche, foils, etc. This is where you can add as many different colours into the hair as you want, weaved right up to the root, with barely any natural colour left at all. There isn’t a lot of different ways to apply highlights, that’s why I call it traditional. This is perfect for someone who wants to be nearly white blonde up to the root, or even cover greys so they can still have a low maintenance regrowth compared to an all over colour. It’s a beautiful result when applied perfectly.


Global platinum

When you want white blonde hair with no natural colour, or want to use brave colours like, grey, baby pink, lilac etc, it all depends on the condition and hair colour. If you look after your hair with good treatments and shampoos then the result is beautiful. Nicole Richie is a prime example of beautiful global platinum.

nicola richie hair


The French word for “sweep”, this other highlighting technique is applied free hand on a spatula and can be applied right to the root. It’s a more thought through service, personalised by you and your stylist, and you can change it up each time you are into the salon. Balayage is about working with your own natural colour and blending it into a blonde that will suit your skin tone etc. It can be blended into all blonde or some natural colour through the ends as well.

IMG_0002IMG_0767 (2)

American tailoring

This is where a root colour is applied to either lighten your natural colour, cover greys or blend old highlights from darker into blonde. Balayage is applied with the root colour as well.

IMG_0009 925293_773851562681296_1893275117_n


A lot of people mistake Ombre for balayage. There are lots of different terms flying around at the moment: marbelling, dip dye etc. It is for people who want an obvious difference from root to end and also for people who want to put blues and purples in to the ends of their hair. Kylie Jenner is a perfect example of this boldness.


There are so many different ways of being blonde, you just need to decide which is best for you. If you look up images of the result you would like to achieve, it’s a lot easier for us as hairdressers to give you exactly what you want!

The only way to keep your lightened hair beautiful is by looking after it, no matter how light or dark it is. Here are some luxurious products that I recommend mostly to my clients that have some sort of blonde in their hair, although always ask a professional what one is best for you.


That’s it from me today. I hope this fills you with knowledge to make your next trip to the salon even more exciting and adventurous. I’ll be back soon with more tips from behind the chair rather than in it!

Dan x

Danielle Garner is a hair stylist at Style Club in South William Street, Dublin. She’ll be sharing her expertise in all things hair with us when she’s not busy styling in the salon or on photoshoots! If you would like to contribute to just email

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