Fear Of The Haircut

If I had a penny for every time a client in my chair says “Can I just get half an inch off please?”, I wouldn’t have to work again! There are two types of clients:

1.  The one who regularly has a haircut so is always been envied for having picture perfect hair.

2. The one who gets a trim once a year and has split ends up to their ears. I used to be this person, and when I did get a trim, it was only the tinchiest littlest bit. This however, is a waste of money and time. It is something you need to come to terms with.

This is what you think you have:


But this is the reality:


It is a fear for some like the dentist is for others. But, what you don’t realise is, leaving it uncut is doing a lot of damage. The past few years we’ve seen over-layered hair and really shaggy ends in fashion, but the hair revolution right now is about having that ‘rich girl hair'; glossy, expensive looking and perfect from root to tip. It’s not that hard to achieve either.

The important thing now is not about an on-trend haircut, but having your hair in a good conditioned length whether it’s a bob or really long. As long as it looks strong and full, the length is not important. Even if you have to take 4 inches off that you’ve worked so hard to get, an instant happiness comes out as soon as you see the fresh beautiful hair you can be proud of.


Before & After

All the new amazing products coming out aimed at people with split ends, promote length and enhance the strength of each hair. Make a fresh start and start looking after your hair – it’s time to take advantage of what’s out there to help. It’s also becoming more of a demand from my clients that are finally giving in to the fried ends and getting the chop.


These are the products that will aid hair growth:


Bite the bullet and chop it off. You will never look back and be embarrassed again.

Dan x

Danielle Garner is a hair stylist at Style Club in South William Street, Dublin. She’ll be sharing her expertise in all things hair with us when she’s not busy styling in the salon or on photoshoots! If you would like to contribute to MintMag.ie just email louise@mintmag.ie!

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