Cushion Crush

Is it sad to have an unnatural urge to buy cushions all the time? We think not. As women we are pre-disposed to the love of soft furnishings, things that men will never comprehend. But we know in our hearts, that a bed with throw cushions looks ten times more inviting, or a sofa isn’t compete unless there’s at least 5 variations of scatter cushions on it. These small touches do in-fact, make your home go from liveable to luxury. So ladies, ask your men to step aside and let you browse the beautiful collection of cushions we found for you, because you know it makes total sense and is absolutely a necessity.


1. Grey ZigZag Cushion // Meadows & Byrne €39.50

2. Blue Quilted Cushion // Industry €49

3. Malva Floral Cushion // Blue Door Direct €50

4. Carolyn Donnelly Geo Wave Cushion // Dunnes Stores €30+

5. Tribal Printed Cushion // Penneys €6

6. You & Me Cushion // Avoca €39.95

7. Kelm Cushion // Ferm Living €67.50

8. Vargyllen // Ikea €6

Featured Image // Carolyn Donnelly

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