Crazy For Copper

We are fiends for metallic features in the home but our favourite at the moment has to be copper! It’s not as harsh as yellow gold and has a beautiful warm hue to it – perfect for Autumn updating your home.

1. Square Candle Stand // April & The Bear €42 – We adore this multipurpose candle holder – the copper and glass work beautifully together.

2. Copper Stool // Zara €99.99 – We love big metallic features and this copper stool is definitely that. Perfect for a stand out side table.

3. Desk Magazine Holder // Anthropologie £28 – Coppers come in all different tones but we love the pinkish hues of this copper magazine holder.

4. S Hook // Article €1.95 – If you’re a little nervous to use larger accents, little touches like this copper hook is a nice way to add metallics to the home.

5. Antique Copper Vase // Industry €12 – Go for a deeper copper tone if you want something a little less polished.

6. Helen James Considered Strainer // Dunnes €75 – Not just for your decor, use copper in practical elements too.


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