Cocktails & Design Launches At The Liquor Rooms

Wednesday evening this week saw more than 150 design fans gathered at The Liquor Rooms in Dublin for the first in a year-long series of talks entitled COCKTAILS+DESIGN. Supported by Irish Design 2015 and in conjunction with IDI Design Social and Institute of Designers in Ireland, the first event was COCKTAILS + PRODUCT DESIGN and featured acclaimed Irish companies Designgoat and Dolmen, who discussed innovative product design, as well as design projects undertaken in partnership with the drinks industry.

Sean McNulty and Christopher Murphy of Dolmen (3)

COCKTAILS+DESIGN is a series of challenging design discussions, with guest speakers from across various disciplines. The free of charge events will continue throughout the year on the last Wednesday of each month and on Wednesday March 25 COCKTAILS + FILM will be the order of the day. Mixologist and film aficionado Oisin Davis will discuss various creative projects and another speaker from the world of film is yet to be announced.

In Vino Veritas

Follow @theliquorrooms and @irishdesign2015 on Twitter to stay in the know. The Liquor Rooms is located on 5 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2.

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