Changes To Make And Get The Happiness You Deserve

Everything you’ve learned so far may have been difficult to process, even more difficult to let go of, and immensely hard to understand and accept. However, each of the steps you’ve taken is a huge leap towards a new you, an improved you – the you, you’ve always known you are but haven’t had the courage (or chance never wanted it apparent) to deal with.

Now that you do, do know that this is a never-ending struggle; life is a book whose each new chapter brings a new self-discovery, and every new step changes you. It’s painful. It’s hard. It’s beautiful.

Here are some of the actions that will definitely play a role in making you a genuinely happier, stronger individual:

Do Seek Professional Help

Whenever we act strong, the world envies us; but sometimes (and more often than not), everything we’ve put under the rug comes back to haunt us when we least expect it. At that point, we will feel powerless, weak and hurt, and it may take us months to regain our strength.

To avoid such things from happening, allow yourself to feel the pain, admit all the troubles you are going through and everything that you feel is working against you. Talk to a therapist or a trusted friend (you know will help) and deal with your hurt before it destroys you.

Reorganise Your Space

Starting fresh doesn’t necessarily mean changing houses, your job or your town; it may as well be about giving your current apartment a fresh feel, a visual idea of a new beginning.

Declutter your space of insignificant things, do some redecorating, change styles, think of turning your space into a real oasis of peace rather than letting it be just a live-in space. Add elements that make you happy, and you’ll be happier every time you walk into your house as well as when you wake up.


Rekindle Your Friendships

Living this glass-walls life leaves us very little time for friendships that once kept us alive. Somehow, love got replaced with deadlines, we’ve all settled for arranging coffee dates we never go to and it feels like we’ve collectively gave up on one another – not consciously though.

Remember who your real friends are and give them a call. Make the effort to see them, no matter how tiresome your day has been. One has to be the trigger, so you may as well be it. The effort won’t go unnoticed and if love is still there (and it probably is), you’ll see the other party making the same effort, too. All it takes is making that first step towards happiness.


Invest In Yourself

The best thing you can do is believe in yourself; out of all the investments you make, the one where you build yourself up and make yourself a stronger, happier individual (both mentally and physically) is the best feeling in the world.

In case you haven’t been regular in your gym visits, make them regularity again. If your busy schedule doesn’t allow it, buy workout equipment you can easily store in any of the corners of your home, or the basement (even garage may work) and focus on working out there.  If you are unsure what exercises to do, you can always consult a personal trainer for a workout plan. They don’t cost a lot and yet, they make an enormous difference.

Further, spend as much time as possible in nature – walk, run, do yoga outdoors, hike… anything you feel may do you good.

Book A Destination

Yes, you are busy but finding the time to replace your mundane obligations with something different and exciting is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You don’t have to travel to faraway destinations and spend God knows how much money. What you should do is book a weekend getaway trip to a part of your country you haven’t seen before. Or, you can journey to a land close to yours, spend the weekend and come back. Traveling changes you.

Don’t go into a desperation mood if there’s nobody you can travel with. Sometimes, going alone is exactly what you need to take in the beauty of everything that the trip has to offer. If, however, there are people or a special person to go with, great – make memories together.


Work for yourself and your happiness by starting small; everything you do now will bring an enormous gratification, afterwards. Good luck!

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