Bring The Outside In

Autumn is just around the corner so it’s time to start thinking about bringing your garden inside. Terrariums are a beautiful way to display plants and flowers indoors – they beat a standard vase any day. You can hang them from the ceiling or get them free standing and build your own little green creation inside.



1. Air Terrarium // Ravens Stained Glass €46.49 – We love the pink stained glass and brass features – the detail really enhances the life inside. 

2. The Bather Hanging Kit // London Garden Trading €51.84 – A great kit for creating your own underwater plant world in a beautiful teardrop glass terrarium.

3. Hanging Glass Terrarium // Dingading £13.99 – A beautiful simple hanging globe terrarium with a rustic hemp string. The tiny elephant is a cute touch!

4. Urban Grow Gnome // Urban Outfitters €20 – Grow your own little Gnome garden, so cute!

5. Standing Terrarium // The Garden Dublin €39 – A standing glass terrarium ready filled with echeverias and succulents. 



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