Bridesmaid 101 – What You Need To Know

Have you had the pleasure of becoming a bridesmaid? Well congratulations! It’s a great honour to stand by your loved one as a beautiful bride and help them on the path to matrimony! It’s not all about holding the brides dress whilst she pees, there’s much more to it than that – here’s the top duties to note.

1. Bridesmaid bits

From the dresses, shoes and accessories, and anything else you need for the day, start scoping out what’s out there from the directions of the bride, ie. what colour or style she wants. It takes as much time to find the right bridesmaid dresses as it does the brides so she’ll need lots of help.

2. Dress shopping

One of the most fun parts of being a bridesmaid is shopping for the brides perfect dress! Remember to be completely honest (but nice about it!) because she’s counting on your opinion. Help her book appointments with bridal stores to make sure she’s seen all she needs to.

3. What can I do?

That’s the big question you need to keep asking the bride! If she feels like she’s got your support when it comes to your opinion on flowers or invitations etc, or if there’s crafty things she needs help with, then that’s the best support a bridesmaid can give so always ask.

4. Hen party

One of the biggest tasks you take on is organising the hen night/weekend. The Maid of Honour generally leads the way with this but it’s up to all of the bridesmaids to help with ideas, booking, fun props and games. Do note that there is a financial obligation with being a bridesmaid and it’s up to you to cover any additional costs that people don’t chip in for.

5. Wedding rehearsals & occasions

It’s a must that you attend all events associated with the wedding, from the engagement party to the wedding rehearsals and any other gatherings there might be in between. The bride’s got to know you’ve got her back.

6. The big day

Woohoo! In amongst all the chaos, keep the bride nice and relaxed. Help her get dressed and make sure there’s champagne in her hand! If there’s anything that she needs you to do then get to it. All ceremonies vary so your duties will vary there, but over all, make sure you’re greeting all the guests and guide them if they need help on where to go (the groomsmen and ushers will help there too). This applies to taking cards and gifts also, there should always be a designated person for this and sometimes it falls on one of the bridesmaids.

7. Once the knot is tied

It’s becoming more common for the Maid of Honour to do a speech, which we think is lovely as the Best Mans speech can sometimes take over! So if you’re asked to speak, have a little tipple, relax, and enjoy it, it’s such an honour of a job! After dinner when the music starts and the first dance comes, wait for the nod from the bride and get on that dance floor with one of the groomsmen. There’s nothing worse if the couple of feeling a little embarrassed with all the attention.

8. Be a trooper

Being a bridesmaid can be a little stressful, but try not let things get to you on the day, or on the months leading up to it. Be supportive to the bride, emotionally and physically and most of all, enjoy it, it’s a wedding after all!


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