Breath In Autumn

The leaves on the trees are orange and crisp and we’re enjoying the seasonal smells of the outdoors. We want to bring this loveliness indoors and to show you how. These beautiful Autumnal aromas are great to have floating around the house if you’re expecting guests for dinner – not that your cooking wouldn’t be just a delicious of course!


5 cups water
2 navel oranges, peeled
1 apple, sliced in half
3 cinnamon sticks
3 star anise
1 teaspoon-sized knob of fresh ginger
1 teaspoon cardamom pods
1 teaspoon whole cloves
1/4 teaspoon dried orange peel


Combine all ingredients together in a saucepan and heat over low heat until simmering. I have kept this going for a few hours, adding additional water when needed. You can also throw everything in the crockpot and set it on low or high with the top off. Enjoy!

Credit // How Sweet Eats

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