An Island For Your Kitchen

If there’s anything we always say we could do with more of in the kitchen it’s space. Space to cook, serve, clean and enjoy, so putting an island in your kitchen could solve that problem. A few things to think about of course is whether you have the space to fit an island, what size it could be if it did fit, do you want to use it as an additional seating area or extra storage as well. Here’s a few ideas to help you make some decisions.

1. Storage

Islands are more than just additional counter tops – utilise them for extra storage if your kitchen is lacking cupboards or you don’t want to have cupboards at eye line.


Image // Refurbished Ideas

2. Light it up

Using statement pendent lighting above the island can make it a real feature in the kitchen.


Image // Brandisawyer

3. Hide the utilities

We hate ugly appliances so love the idea of camouflaging them within the island!


Image // Mind Blowing Facts

4. Size doesn’t matter

If you have a small kitchen then you can still work with an island. Using a shelved one instead of the block ones with cupboard can keep the area looking spacious.


Image // Ikea

5. Bench work

Create addition seating in your kitchen for informal dining by using one side of the island as a bench. Great for family’s with young kids!


Image // Pinterest

6. Go against the ordinary

By using a curved island in the kitchen you’re able to create this space for a round table to sit into making great use of the space!


Image // Pinterest

7. Stand out from the crowd

Having your island a different colour to the rest of the cupboards in the kitchen is a great way to make it a statement in the room.


Image // Lee Caroline

Featured Image // All Womens Talk


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