An Afternoon With MyShowcase

We hosted ‘An Afternoon With MyShowcase’ on Valentines Day in House Dublin and what a wonderful day it was! We invited lots of lovely ladies to come and try out the products available with MyShowcase and hear about how they could make beauty their business.


The founder Nancy Cruickshank flew over from the UK to tell us all about this new way to buy and discover beauty. As well as buying products yourself, you can also become a stylist and host your own showcases to bring these amazing products to your friends in your living room. You can earn 15-30% commission on every thing you sell, as well as get great discounts on products you want to buy.


We also had our beauty blogger and trained makeup artist, Avalon, there to apply the products and make up our ladies for Valentines Day.


When you sign up to be a stylist, you spend £199 on your initial kit which gets you £400’s worth of products! We had this months kit on display but you can also choose from the extensive range from 35 different brands to make up your kit.


If you would like more information or to sign up as a customer or stylist, email Louise at to get started!


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