It’s All About Wallpaper

Wallpaper is no longer the drab floral style of the 70’s – it’s super trendy and great for cheating looks that would be expensive to do from scratch. It also comes in every print imaginable so is really hard to just pick one! Check out what we’re loving below:

Herringbone Wallpaper // Fern Living

We’re in love with this monochrome Herringbone printed wallpaper – a very modern take on a pattern that’s been around for over a century. Try adding pops of colour along side it or allow it to compliment a monochrome pallet in a living room or home office. From €81


Brick Wallpaper // Ryan Wall Coverings

This is a great wallpaper for a rustic/industrial interior and is a total cheat for a real brick wall – and so much cheaper! Great for a kitchen or living room, it would still brighten a space as well as creating texture and character. From €35


Mr Perswall Communication’s Library // Rocket St George

If you’ve always dreamt of a library in your home but don’t have the books or space, get this Mr Perswall paper and cheat your way there. This range of wallpaper is a non-woven material which is easier to hang than most others so is great when you’re piecing together your library. It comes in a rainbow of colours so you can have the full scale or choose your favourites! From £92


Big Croco // Wallpaper From The 70’s

A gold crocodile skinned wallpaper is the perfect thing for a feature wall if ever we’ve seen one! This would be amazing in an ethnic style bedroom filled with emerald green, ivory and black tones. We’re daydreaming already! From €27.23


Hemingway Design Carnival // Littlewoods

Retro wallpaper doesn’t always have to be left in the past, especially when it’s getting a 21st century update like this wallpaper by Wayne and Geraldine Hemingway – masters of vintage design. A great one to have in a kids room or a Scandinavian style interior, it’s a definite print to make a statement.


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