A Note From The Editor – Introducing North Design

‘An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.’ This, a quote that may sound rather mediocre, is something that I find incredibly true. When I started MintMag.ie all I was afraid; afraid of online scrutiny for not being artistic enough or creative enough in my writing. But then one day I had to say to myself, the only way you’re going to learn in life is by doing, and possibly failing.

So after 3 years of running MintMag.ie and 18 months as a designer at Kingston Lafferty Design, i’m delighted to announce my very exciting new venture with my wonderful friend and co-founder Lauren Martin – NORTH. We will be specialising in Interior Architecture, Interior Design and Creative Direction – this applies to residential and commercial property design, and styling for photoshoots, videography, editorial content etc. You can check out more info on our services page or view our portfolio here. And of course, don’t hesitate to email me directly at louise@northdesign.ie.

north design Dublin logo

North Design

Here’s to the next creative adventure and the exciting opportunities it holds!

Thanks for all your reading,

Louise x

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