A (Life) Note From The Editor

Sitting at my laptop on a dreary Winter Wednesday night after a glass of vino and a belly fully of sushi, I thought I would write you a little letter. I’m feeling somewhat nostalgic this evening (perhaps that’s the wine?), because you, the lovely readers, bring me that warm fuzzy feeling when I see so many have come to visit, whether it be on your 3pm coffee break and much needed scour of the internets distractions, or vegged out on the sofa looking for some female advice or entertainment.

Now I may be the ripe age of, well, young enough to perhaps come across patronising to an auld one with a wagging finger, but I thought I would share the life lessons I have learnt thus far in my short, sometimes difficult but very relevant life… (bear with me as I left my glasses upstairs and really can’t be bothered to go and get them *squinting at computer screen*.)

1. Just do it

If you want to do something, whether go on a trip, get your nails done, go to college, just do it. Life’s too short to procrastinate because before you know it you’ll be saying ‘I wish I…’. Just. Do. It.

2. Be brave

Life’s scary as hell I know. And even when you have to overcome the biggest and most terrifying hurdles; new job, buying a house, even just talking to that guy who makes your butterflies die inside  – grab life by the proverbial balls and be brave.

3. Take a deep breath

The pressure the majority of us put on our selves to succeed whether it be in a hobby, work or relationship, is sometimes rather over whelming. But remember, no one’s going to die if you miss a deadline or accidentally skip the gym because you want to go for a glass of wine (you know you do it and feel guilty.) Just take a deep breath and ease off that pressure pedal.

4. Its OK to eat the cake

Refer to a smidgen of point 3. Sometimes the pressure women put on themselves to eat well, gym hard, and get caught up in the idealism of the ‘perfect’ woman that the press portrays (and you know we could all look like they do with an on-hand makeup artist and a bag of cash for our wardrobe needs). We’re all guilty of it, but sometimes just tell yourself to shut up and order the damn sandwich.

5. Save the pennies

I would say I’m not going to sit here and tell you to save money, but I am, ‘soz’. It might sound like an obvious one but trust me, when it comes to buying a car, putting a down payment on a house, buying those shoes you’ve wanted for ages, if you’re in the habit of saving money it won’t seem like such a terrifying prospect. The younger you start saving (even if it’s a tenner a week!), the less scary financial commitments, burdens or payouts will be.

6. Keep in touch

And I’m not talking about with everyone (you know what Mary from primary school is doing on Facebook),  but just with the people who matter most to you. We can easily get caught up in social media telling us what our friend-who-now-lives-in-Australia had for breakfast, but reaching out to someone who you care about and asking ‘how are you really?’, may make a massive difference to their day.

7. When life gives you lemons

Grab them and squeeze the be-jesus out of them. If an opportunity arises in your life that will bring you a big cheshire-cat grin, even if it’s fleeting, just take it.

On that note, I shall say thanks for reading, thanks for being lovely, and thanks for putting up with any spelling mistakes because I really cannot see.

Louise x


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