8 Wedding Favour Ideas We Adore

Wedding favours are a thoughtful way of thanking your guests for coming to share your big day. There are a million different ways you can do this now, with traditionalism taking a side step, you can be as creative, outrageous or thoughtful as you like. Here’s a few of the best ideas we’ve spotted around and about.

1. Macaroon parcels

macaroon favours

Image // Mod wedding

2. Teeny tiny succulents


Image // Fabmood

3. Minty fresh

mint wedding favours

Image // Etsy 

4. For the toasting

toasting favours

Image // Jellytoast

5. Grow the love

wedding favour

Image // Intimate Wedding

6. The perfect match

matches wedding

Image // mod weddings

7. Spread the love

wedding jam

Image // Weddbook

8. Trusty hangover kit

hangover kit wedding

Image // Tulle Tales

Featured Image // Etsy

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