8 Ways To Make Your Home Cosy For Winter

The days have gotten so cold, Winter is definitely in full swing. We just want to be snuggled up by the fire with a glass of vino so are making our homes extra cosy for those nights in. Here’s what we’re doing to create a cosy abode.

1. Candles, candles and more candles

We say the more candles the better – they change the atmosphere of a room instantly. Get some that are beautifully scented with the aromas of Winter like this Winter Signature Candle from The White Company.


2. Layer up

Having lots of throws to snuggle up in will make you cosier but also the look of your room – your sofa would be even more inviting! We love the ones from Foxford Woolen Mills.


Image // Pinterest 

3. A bit of sparkle

We love a little sparkle around the home anyway, but having glittery twigs like these on the mantle piece almost make it feel like there’s icicles inside and we have to cosy up.


Image // Prudent Baby

4. Light a fire

The ultimate cosy experience – fire lit, glass of red wine in hand and some dark chocolate!


Image // My Paradissi

5. Feel a little faux fur

Sink into the softness of fur cushions and throws on your sofa.


 Image // Stylizimo

6. Wholesome cooking

Yes, we’re talking roast dinners, warming soups and anything else that fills our belles with comforting food and our homes with the scrumptious aromas.


Image // Recipe

7. Soft lighting

Just like candles, a dim glow of a light can really set the mood of your room. Try out these very cool Edison lights from Mullan Lighting for mood setting and design purposes.


Image // Pinterest

8. Get yourself comfy

Pyjamas, wooly socks, onesies, we’ll be buying all of the above is cable knit and fleeciness asap.


Image // Postris

Featured Image // Laura Ashley

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