8 New Years Resolutions For You To Try

January is upon us and that means it’s resolution time (and as with every year we plan to keep them!) Put a twist on the every-year ones and give these a go.

1. Exercise differently

We could do the usual ‘get fit’ but for some of us we need a little motivation. Try a new way of exercising like dance, mountain walking or hula hooping!


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2. Spend more time doing the things you love 

Whether it’s hanging out with your family, walking your dog or a hobby that makes you happy, make more time for it.


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3. Just go for it

If there’s one thing that you’ve been thinking about doing, just do it. Tell that guy that you like him, book that bungee jump or go on that trip you’ve always been thinking about. You only live once!


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4. Eat the right way for you

It’s very easy to say ‘eat healthy’ but you should also be eating right for your body. So if you think you might be intolerant to dairy or gluten then get it out of your diet once and for all.

Healthy Foods

5. Save some pennies

If you’ve been trying to save for something it’s about time to start filling that piggy bank. It’s important to have a bit of financial security for yourself as well as working towards your financial target for that special something.

Coin Dropping Into Piggy Bank

6. Have patience

Life’s too short to be angry, so have more patience with your loved ones or the waitress that’s taking a little longer getting your sandwich.


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7. Read more

Whether it’s fact or fiction, broaden your vocabulary and knowledge with a little more reading.


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8. Look after your mind

It’s important to look after your mind as much as your body, so this year focus a little more on being at peace. If you need to get something off your mind, talk to someone. If you need to feel less stressed, try yoga. Give it a go and feel happier.


Image // Yoga Reiki

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