8 Designs For A Negative Space Mani

The big trend for nails in 2015 is negative space. The idea of floating art, whether it’s geometric shapes, stripes or something fun, with a glimmer of your natural nail colour. Here’s a few ideas to take to your nail technician the next time you’re looking for a trendy manicure.

1. Monochrome blocks

monochrome manicure

Image // Byrdie

2. A little retro

retro manicure

Image // Deviant Art

3. All that glitters

glitter manicure

Image // So Nailicious

4. Lines and spaces

coral manicure

Image // Nailscope

5. Just the tips

gold nail tips

Image // Byrdie

6. Wedding finger detail

wedding nails

Image // Wedding Party App

7. Checks

negative space nails

Image // Brit

8. Flower power

flower nails

Image // Nails Away

Featured Image // Nailporn

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