8 Celebs Working Slick Back Hair

After seeing Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at the Met Gala with her slick back hair (I mean can she get any hotter?), we’re dreaming of wet look locks and, well, the ability to not just look like a drowned rat! We’re taking inspiration from some celebs who have nailed this look.

1. Kendall Jenner

kendall jenner hair

Image // Byrdie

2. Emma Watson

emma watson wet look hair

Image // Zimbio

3. Gwen Stefani

gwen stefani

Image // Loxabeauty

4. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

wet look hair

5. Rita Ora

rita ora

Image // Refinery29

6. Leighton Meister 

gossip girl slick back hair

7. Gigi Hadid

gigi hadid

Image // Byrdie

8. Alicia Keys

wet look hair

Image // Elle

Featured Image // news.com.au

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