8 Alternative Christmas Trees

Don’t want to have a traditional Christmas tree this year and looking for something a little different – here’s a few ideas to get your Christmassy creative juices flowing.

1. Wooden wonder

Go au natural with this simple ladder type design.


Image // Ohanalives

2. Picture this

Now just imagine how easy it would be on January 6th when you’re taking the decorations down…


Image // Pinterest 

3. Arrange your own tree

Do your tree like an extravagant flower arrangement!


Image // Flair At Home 

4. Branch out

Minimalistic but just as effective.


Image // Heg In France

5. Bauble masterpiece

If you have the patience to master this one then it would be well worth it!


Image // Pinterest 

6. Light it up

This idea would be so nice in your childs room.


Image // Edison Avenue

7. Paper weight

One for the book worms or lover of all things vintage.


Image // Pinterest

8. Stick it on

Putting together a collection of all your favourite Christmassy things on your wall like this would make quite a statement.


Image // Buzzfeed

Featured Image // Beacont

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