7 Tips For Dying Your Hair At Home

Home hair dying can be a little risky, so if you’re not confident doing it at home then get down the salon. If you are going to do it then here’s a few tips.

1. Try before you dye

If you’re a little nervous about whether a colour with suit you or not, try on a wig. It’s drastic to go from your natural blonde to a brunette for example so trying on a wig in the colour you want could could be an easy way to decide.


2. Buy more than you need

It’s better to have too much dye than run out half way through so buy more than you think you need.

3. Use the right one for you

If you have sensitive skin, use a mouse, if you have thick or curly hair then use a gel or liquid.

4. Avoid the pool

Chlorine strips away the hair cuticles allowing minerals to get into the hair shaft and change the colour of your hair – so sit pretty pool side.


5. Buy a shade lighter

Hair dye always comes out darker than on the bottle so buy a shade lighter.

6. Dirty hair is good

The natural oils in the scalp help to prevent a buffer from irritation to the dye so skip the shower.

7. Prepare for the damage

Dyes contain hyrdrogen peroxide so use a mask once a week to deeply hydrate the hair to avoid breakage.


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