7 Things You Need For Electric Picnic

If you’re reading this then you’re most likely going to EP – hurrah! You have your ticket guarded in a safe place, you’ve probably bought something with fringing by now, and you’ve already been day dreaming about ways to style 3 day old hair. But lets not forget the other essentials you’ll need for the weekend, allow us.


1. Jules Olive Horse Wellies // Office £23 – Because sadly we can’t count on the sunshine to stick around, wellies for the muddy grass are a must, and these are a steal at £23!

2. Field Candy What A Melon Tent // Urban Outfitter £300 – One uber-cool tent is always necessary and you’ll definitely stand out in the crowd with this watermelon.

3. Urban Escape Moon Chair // Halfords €15 – Bring a comfortable camping chair for those tent-side drinks, these moon chairs are the dream.

4. Back Me Up! Mobile Charger // My Shining Armour €32 – Don’t run out of juice with this nifty little back-up charger. You know if you couldn’t Snapchat your way through the festival you’d be devastated.

5. Dry Shampoo, Face Wipes, Earplugs // Boots – Freshen up with dry shampoo and face wipes (they’ll be your savour) and if you plan on getting any sleep then bring ear plugs!

6. South Clear PU Festival Jacket // Littlewoods Ireland €52 – Don’t you hate when you put in so much effort with your outfit and then you have to cover it with a rain mac? Well then, get this clear one!

7. Mummy Sleeping Bag // Dunnes Stores €12 – As well as a sleeping bag, bring a pillow and extra blankets because the nights can be chilly even if you’re warmed with a few drinks. 

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