7 Neutral Nursery Ideas

So you’re expecting a little bambino, congratulations! If you have kept the sex of the baby a secret then you will want to start planning a neutral nursery for he or she to arrive home to. By neutral, we mean using colours that are gender neutral, as well as design features and furniture in the room. Here’s 7 ideas to think about when decorating.

1. A nook

Having a little seating area in the room is great for breast feeding, cuddling and everything in between. Use cushions and throws to make it extra comfy.


2. Playful polka dots

Use spots, stripes or other prints to create a feature wall in the room.


3. Playtime

Even though your baby might just be coming home, if he or she has siblings then a little place in the room to play is ideal for keeping an eye on everyone.


4. Frame it

Frame prints and pictures above the cot for a little wall feature. Typography prints are great for some sweet words for your baby.


5. Animal kingdom

Whether using them as cuddly toys, in pictures or as quirky lamps like below, all animals are great for children’s imaginations.


6. For dreaming

A lovely little mobile for above the cot will lull your baby to sleep as well as create a little decorative piece. Hang yarn and ribbons from a branch for a soft touch.


7. You can colour

Greys, creams, beige, white, are all great for a gender neutral nursery, but if you want a pop of colour in the room then you can’t beat yellow!



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