7 Ideas For Your Christmas Table Setting

Planning the Christmas dinner tablescape is one of our favourite things about the day (apart from actually eating the dinner of course!) It completely adds to the atmosphere and makes the dinner look even more delicious. Here’s a few ideas for your table setting this year.

1. Light it up

Using lots of twinkly tea lights will give a lovely ambience to the room. Having them run down the centre panel of the table will be bright enough for people to see their food too!


Image // The Sweetest Occasion

2. Simply Scandinavian

Sticking to a red and white theme adds a little Scandinavian Christmas touch. Simple but it does the job.

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Image // Pasquinoni

3. Winter woodland

We’re a little bit in love with this idea. Using natural elements like wood, pine cones and foliage makes for a lovely rustic dining experience.

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Image // Pinterest

4. A traditional touch

Reds, greens, tartan, berrys, pine cones – traditional and homey at it’s best.


Image // Take Six

5. Modern flair

If you have a minimalistic and modern home then less is more. Incorporate a less traditional colour scheme like monochrome and work with geometric shapes and clean lines.


Image // Source

6. A splash of gold

Nothing says Christmas like the glitter of gold!


Image // Good Housekeeping

7. All that glitters

Make an impact with a statement tablecloth – we’re in love with this all over glitter one!


Image // La Fete Weddings

Featured Image // Simple Bites

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