7 Dream Showers We Need

We’re not sure about you, but the shower is one of the most important elements in a home – if it’s not good, you’re going to start your day on the wrong foot. So if you haven’t got the perfect shower for you then fix it, or make sure you put in a dreamy design if you’re renovating, you’ll never feel cleaner with the right shower. Check out these beauties we found.

1. An epic wet room

epic wet room shower

Image // homedit

2. Sit down & shave

sit down shower

Image // Buzzfeed

3. Double trouble

double shower

Image // Worldofarchi

4. Let the light in


Image // Subway Tile Outlet

6. Double whammy


Image // Pebble Tile Shop

7. Ditch the curtain


Image // Homebunch

Featured Images // The Fab Web // Apartment Therapy

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