6 Ways To Wear Neutrals In Winter

What ever the season, we love a neutral colour pallet in our wardrobe. It’s elegant, chic and is the best way to wear your Winter whites. Here’s some inspiration for sporting camels and creams in the Winter.

1. Team with jeans

When we say neutrals we don’t necessarily mean all over. Where your favourite pair of jeans with everything else being a neutral tone.


Image // Lookers

2. Winter white jeans

If you put your white jeans in your Summer storage, dig them out again and wear them with a chunky cream knit and tan accessories.


Image // Hello Fashion Blog

3. The camel coat

It’s one of our essential Winter staples and it completes a neutral outfit like no other!


Image // Blog Lovin

4. Dark neutrals

If lighter tones scare you like white and cream – go for camel, caramel, or little coffee colours.


Image // Coffee Pearls & Poetry

5. Greys ok

We’re not just talking a brown colour scale, light greys are gorgeous in this type of look too.


Image // Anna Elizabeth Events

6. Work in prints

Think about what prints you could work in too – this makes your look more dynamic if you layer it.


Image // Lolobu

Featured Image // Imp Fashion

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