6 Ways To Rework Your Hallway

Even though your hallway generally sees the most amount of traffic, it’s often neglected in the style stakes compared to other rooms in the house. It is but a first impression of your home, not just a passage. So here’s 6 things to consider to give your hallway a new lease of life.

1. Funky wallpaper

Making an impact with some seriously patterned wallpaper could be just what your entrance way needs.


Image // Pinterest

2. Statement furniture

Having a bold piece of furniture in the hallway could set the tone for the rest of the house – or be the added touch of drama that your home is missing!


Image // UKTV

3. Wall art

Creating a gallery wall or hanging a statement piece of art in the hall is a quick, and easy to change way of livening up the space.


Image // Achados

4. Go against the norm

If a room is small, generally it’s the norm it use white or light colours to make the space appear bigger, but there’s nothing in the rule book that says you can’t go with drama and use a dark colour instead!


Image // Jessica Gordon Ryan

5. Light it up

There’s nothing like a pendant light with the wow-factor to greet visitors.


6. Let the floor do the talking

Choosing tiles with a pattern punch can be the solution to your creative flare without going over board on the walls.


Image // Apartment Therapy

Featured Images // Blogg // Remodelaholic

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