6 Ways To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

If you have naturally big eyes then luck you, we’re very jealous, because the rest of us spend our time forging our way to big peepers. There are a few tricks in the beauty book that help you extend the eye out so here’s a few tips for you to play with.

1. Cover up

Dark circles can make the eyes seem smaller so make sure to cover the area well with concealer. If they’re quite dark then use a green (yes green) coloured concealer and it will counter act the darkness really well. Check out the review we did on Amazing Cosmetics concealer here.


2. Curl those lashes

If you have straight eyelashes then they’re more likely to cast a shadow on the eye, so curling them up will make them appear bigger.


3. The right mascara

Lashings of mascara will always help with that doe eyed look so a few layers is essential. Put a bit more on the middle and outer edge if you want to draw the eye out.

Woman applying mascara on eyelashes

4. Winged eyeliner

Using a liquid eyeliner, draw a fine line on the top lash line and flick it out and up on the outer corner to extend out the eye. Check out our tutorial here or else try the cat eye for a more dramatic look.


5. Brighten the waterline

Applying a white or light pink eye pencil to the waterline of your eye will make the white of your eye appear bigger, thus making the eye seem lighter and brighter.


6. Arch your brows 

When plucking, if you have a slight arch in the brow it will heighten the eyelid and accentuate the eye. Make sure to pluck in a way that suits your face shape.


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