6 Ways To Get Your Body Back To Normal After Christmas

Christmas is an indulgent time (fun, but indulgent), so we all end up feeling a little sluggish in January. Try our tips to get your body back to normal and re-energised.

1. Detox juices

Swap the alcohol for some detox juices to boost your immune and energy systems. It’s a great way to kick off your day. Try this green detox smoothie here.


2. Rehydrate

If your body and skin is feeling dehydrated after all the alcohol intake, up your water intake during the day and give yourself an extra boost with some Dioralyte.


Image // Grocery Trader

3. Moisture mask

Boost the hydration in your face with a lovely face mask – it’ll help you glow again!

Simple Deep Cleansing Facial Mask_400

4. Fresh air

If you’re not quite ready to hit the gym, then get out for a country walk and some fresh air in your lungs. You’ll burn the calories and feel fresh as a dairy in that clean air.


Image // Connemara Journal

5. Good zzz’s

Now that silly season is over, getting a good nights sleep from now on should be your priority. It’s important for your body to regain energy and repair it’s ailments when you’re catching some zzz’s.

good-nights-sleep (1)

Image // The P Doctor

6. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to relieve tension and tiredness in your body as you’re giving it a good stretch. Try our ‘Best Before Bed Yoga‘ to get you started.

Head-Knee-Pose (1)

Featured Image // River Tea

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