6 Tips To Overcoming Your Anxiety

A lot of us would recognise that chest-pressing feeling of anxiety, like a little horrid gremlin doing a dance on your heart. And although it may feel like you could collapse with the heeby-jeebies, it’s important to try and recognise, and deal with it, as quickly as possible. Too many people are afraid to admit the feeling, but once you do, you can over come it with these little tips.

1. Exercise

As you probably well know by now, exercise isn’t just good for fitness, but amazing for your mental health as well (read more here). Go pound the pavement, kick the life out of a boxing bag, or relax your mind and stretch it out with yoga.

Yin yoga

2. Put down the caffeine 

That goes for the vino too. Coffee, tea, alcohol, can all trigger panic attacks and make anxiety worse (we’ve all had that Sunday night fear!) So swap it out for camomile tea and lots of water.


3. Talk & laugh

Talking out your anxiety, whether with a friend or professionally, can not only help you identify your trigger points, but also get rid of any surface anxiousness. Having a good laugh alongside it will release endorphins and help relax you also, so go call your funniest friend!


4. Just breath

Sounds obvious we know, but when your body is anxious, the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide is off, so taking long deep breaths helps to balance this out again. Breath in for 4 seconds and out for 6 and repeat.


5. Try a little mindfulness

People are becoming more aware of their mental health, and mindfulness is going through a bit of a fashionable phase, which we’re all for of course! Take up a hobby to switch off and concentrate on, and if that’s too hard to think of, try colouring.


6. Connect with Mother Nature

Heading out for a walk and getting back to nature can relax you and make you feel grounded. Practice those deep breath techniques and don’t forget your funny friend!


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