6 Tips To Get Into That LBD For V Day

Are you finding it difficult to get motivated and back to exercising after Christmas? Well Ciaran from The Gym Howth is here to help. Here are some tips that he uses with his clients to keep them in incredible shape.

1. Muscle Burns Fat

THE most efficient way to defeat fat is to increase your resting metabolic rate (RMR) by building muscle. Your RMR makes up the majority of the calories your burn every day. The magic of a scientifically designed workout that builds muscle is not only that it elevates your RMR by increasing the amount of muscle you have, but it also increases the amount of calories you use during the 24-hours after your workout.

2. Weight Train with Full-Range of Motion, Multi-Joint Exercises

Isolation exercises like bicep curls and ab crunches will NOT achieve results. Choose multi-joint exercises like squats and deadlifts that use more than one joint to burn the most calories and lose fat to help get rid of that extra holiday weight. Squats are your friend, these (when done correctly) will burn more fat than nearly any other exercise and will speed up your return to fitting into that LBD. Similarly, full-range of motion lifts will use up more calories to perform than partial-range exercises. That’s just simple science!

3. Lift Heavier!

Lifting heavy, doing less reps and more sets is crucial for fat loss. Don’t believe the myth that lifting heavy will make you big and bulky, just take a look at some of the testimonials on our website. Women DO NOT produce enough testosterone to increase muscle size dramatically, and it would require you to eat a huge amount of calories every day. Luckily people are becoming more educated, and this myth is not as widely believed as before.

4. Weight Train with Short Rest, Less Reps & More Sets

Using short rest periods is essential because it will burn a massive amount of energy quickly and increase fat burning hormones. Growth hormone (GH) burns fat and build muscle, and your body releases more GH in response to physical stress. Circuit training is ideal because it is fun, fast, and intense. It burns more calories too. Do a circuit program in which you move as fast as possible between 3 exercises and do 5 sets of 6 reps per lift. Note the effectiveness of lifting heavy, with fewer reps, and more sets—this type of program is known for producing fast body composition results.

5. Do Sprint Interval Training for Cardio

Sprint interval training is far superior to aerobic-style steady state cardio for fat loss and it can be done in less time than your typical boring aerobic program. Your intervals can be changed by either increasing the sprint, or decreasing the rest. Depending on your level of fitness, start with a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio (Rest:Sprint) and adjust accordingly as you progress.

6.  Supplement

Everyone needs to supplement, no matter how good your diet is. Supplementation is very individual, but some of the most essential include a high quality Omega 3 Fish Oil, a Multi-Vitamin and a B-Complex. Probiotics are usually required for optimal gut health also. There are supplements that can help with pretty much everything from sleep to energy. Magnesium is awesome for controlling cortisol levels, which will really help with your fat loss.

Implement these 6 tips into your lifestyle and they will help get you back into that little black dress in time for Valentines Day!

All of the Trainers at The Gym Howth are highly qualified, experienced and dedicated. They will ensure your programs are specifically and scientifically designed to make you hit your targets and goals, and have a lot of fun along the way! Check them out at thegymhowth.com or email them at train@thegymhowth.com for any info or questions you may have.

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