6 Tips To Becoming A Personal Stylist

A career as a personal stylist is an exciting and varied one. The fashion industry has and is changing at such a rapid pace and there is so much opportunity now for women who adore fashion to inspire others as a personal stylist aswell as building a profile for themselves via social media! If you already love fashion, you already love to share the things you like and that inspire you, why not earn some extra money doing something you love by training yourself up to be able to offer personal styling services?

Here are my top tips & insights to being a Personal Stylist:

1. You must first of all have an interest in wanting to help others create a style and image they love.

It’s not about picking looks that you love. It is about listening to your client, being able to quickly assess their needs and being able to confidently put together looks that work for them.

2. You must have an understanding of the link between feeling good and looking good.

Personal Styling is centered just as much around building your clients confidence as it is around clothes and styling. Building confidence comes from building trust, having patience, listening and deciphering your client’s worries and then having the skills to encourage and empower them.

3. Your biggest learning in styling will come from ‘doing’.

Once you are trained, confident and supported in the first stages, the best learning comes from working with clients, learning from your mistakes and doing it better the next time! No matter what body shape your client is, it is only when they try on the first couple of outfits you really understand everything about their body shape, their style preferences and it is also when they start to fully open up to you.

4. Knowing the importance of being in the know.

Most high street retailers have PR companies or departments that run fashion events for fashion influencers. Attending these shows is not just a perk of the job but really essential.

5. Understanding all the most important elements that affect the styling process.

Height for example is such an important part of styling. The shorter the height and shorter the lengths of jackets, skirts and tops should be. Height is all about proportion and you want your client to wear the clothes you choose, not the other way around!

6. Going the extra mile for your client is so important.

Personal Styling for me is about giving your client ‘complete’ looks and inspiring them to go outside their comfort zone. Bringing a range of different options & accessories into the fitting room and having fun with your client is a big part of the process. A great personal stylist should inspire their client to think outside the box, the see the power of accessories, colour, fabric and texture.

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Stylefish was set up in 2009 by Julie Cobbe as a fashion school for women teaching fashion classes through department stores & shopping centres throughout Ireland including House of Fraser, Debenhams & Harvey Nichols. Since then Julie has taught over 3,500 women, developed a fashion franchise, trained a network of teachers around Ireland and now runs a Diploma in Personal Styling in Ireland & the UK for those interested to gain a fashion qualification and work as a personal stylist with the support of Stylefish.

In 2011 Julie was successful in securing investment and backing from two dragons on RTE’s Dragon’s Den aswell as winning a National Enterprise Award in the same year. Julie has featured in the 2014 and 2015 Irish Tatler Business Magazine’s ‘Women of Influence’ Directory as a Fashion Entrepreneur to watch. Julie is passionate about giving women access to talented personal stylists and women who love fashion a chance to make money doing something they love with Stylefish! Find out more at www.stylefish.ie.


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