6 Tips For Decorating A Nursery

For all our Mint Mums out there who are expecting a little bean, we’ve rounded up a few ideas and tips for you to decorate your little treasures nursery.

1. Go Neutral

If you don’t know whether you’re having a girl or a boy, go for a neutral colour pallet. White, cream, browns, beige are all perfect for keeping it gender-neutral. Check out our previous article on a few bits to buy for this style.


Image // Lay Baby Lay

2. Personal Stamp

Add a lovely personal touch to your baby’s space by putting their initials on the wall, or even family photographs to keep the space loving and warm.


Image // The Little Umbrella

3. Focus On Colour

When baby’s are first born they can only see black white and grey. The first vivid colour they see is red, and then blues greens yellows etc develop later on. Avoid using red in a nursery however as this can be confusing for the child so a softer mix of colour tones are a lot more pleasing to their site.


Image // Decorating Files

 4. Frame It 

Add shelves in the room to display prints, pictures and children’s books. This is a great way to add practical storage as well as a display feature in the room.


Image // Fawn Over Baby

5. Add A Little Glow

Lighting is a very important element in the nursery to think about before you start decorating. Dimmer switches and night lights should be considered and if you can incorporate this into the design then  even better.


Image // Project Nursery

6. Think Ahead

If you have the space, putting in a day bed is a great addition to the space – it can be used for changing or feeding and then when the child gets old they can transition into that bed with out it being too much of a big change.


Image // Buy Modern Baby

Featured Image // Fawn Over Baby

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