6 Things Every Bedroom Needs

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house – decorated right it can help you sleep soundly. If you’re thinking of redecorating your bedroom in 2015, here’s a few things to remember when doing so.

1. A soft rug

Stepping out onto softness in the morning is the best way to get yourself out of bed. Even if you have carpeted floors, add extra padding right beside your bed with a gorgeous rug – we’re a big fan of a fluffy sheepskin.


Image // Oracle Fox

2. The best bed

Your bed is the most important thing in the room, so choose carefully. Ensure the firmness of the mattress is what ever’s best for your back. Think about what kind of bed frame you want too, i.e. room for storage underneath, a headboard, the height and of course the colour and style that will fit with your decor.


Image // Horchow

3. Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors, as well as being very functional for getting ready, also reflect light and make the room look larger. If you’ve got the space, go for a floor length one to really maximise these effects.


Image // Indulge

4. An organised wardrobe

A wardrobe with compartments for all your clothes and accessories is essential for making your getting ready regime a breeze. If you don’t get a wardrobe with built in compartments then you can easily pick up separates in Ikea like below.


Image // Pinterest

5. Soft lighting

Create ambience with the right lighting in your bedroom. Bedside lamps with a low wattage creates a lovely glow. However, also think about where you will need a strong light for doing your make up for example.


Image  // Pinterest 

6. Black out blinds

We love the idea of having light curtains to let as much natural light into the bedroom as possible, however not in the morning. This rule more applies to Spring/Summer when the mornings get brighter earlier, but making sure that you block out this bright sunlight will ensure you sleep better for longer.


Image // Involving Colour

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