6 Shelves That Make A Difference

When designing a room in your home, we often look at the bigger picture, but it’s sometimes the smaller details and less important features that make a difference in a space. Take shelves for instance, they sound pretty boring, but they don’t have to be. Check out these ideas next time you’re needing storage or wanting to display your home accessories.

1. Box shelves

A great way to create a wall feature as well as display plants, pictures and other lovely accessories, is to hang box shelves. They can have clean lines that’s more modern or use crates so a little rustic touch.


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2. No more kitchen cabinets 

Swap upper kitchen cabinets for open shelving. It can add really interesting detail to the space if you’re trying to avoid that standard kitchen design.


Image // planetedeco

3. Optical illusion

Floating shelves are a great replacement to display cabinets in your living room. They take up minimal space and you can put them any where. They’re also a much cleaner, clutter free design that using brackets.


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4. Feature wall

If you’re bored of your plain walls but don’t want to reach for the wall paper, create a shelf wall and display your favourite art and prints all over it.


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5. Hanging around

We love this style of shelving for something really different. You can choose whatever material you want for the suspension – rope, wire, twine, ribbon, whatever will be strong enough to take the weight of what you want the shelf to hold.


Image // burkatron

6. Brassy brackets

You don’t just have to have the standard black or chrome brackets for your shelves, paint them a colour that will suit your room. This gold finish is gorgeous!


Image // stylecaster

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