6 Quick Changes To Update Your Home In One Day

Redecorating can be a lot of work. But you don’t have to go wallpapering and tearing down the kitchen to make a difference in your house, try small changes that can make a big difference first. Here’s some things that you could do in one day to change up the rooms in your home.

1. Coffee table change up

If your living area design is starting to get a little stale, then add a few things to the coffee table to accessories as well as become functional in the space. Things like pretty candles, vases, interesting books with decorative covers are a great thing to have for guests visiting.


Image // mariakillem

2. Rearrange non-permanent furniture

This could apply to your bedroom, living room, study, or areas in your kitchen and bathroom. Try switching your sofa and chairs around or facing your bed a different direction. All it takes is a push and a shove and you’ll feel like you’re in a new room!


Image // thehoneycombhome

3. Change those curtains

If your curtains are looking a little dated or they’re not quite fitting in with the style of your room any more, swap them out for ones that do. With so many different patterns and colours on the market, you could definitely make a statement by dressing your windows better.


Image // mydomain

4. Time for new sheets

If there’s not much in your bedroom that’s really making a decor punch, opt for some print-tastic bedding for a quick fix. We love these ones from Urban Outfitters.


Image // urbanoutfitters

5. Statement art

Who needs paint and wallpaper when you can just use art. We love a wall gallery for giving plain walls a new lease of life. Work several pieces together or else go with one big show stopper.


Image // stylemepretty

6. Crazy for cushions

Getting a new sofa can take a lot of time, so bring your existing one to life with some new cushion covers. Mix and match patterns with block colours for a really interesting and inviting look.


Image // flikr

Featured Image // greyandscout

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