6 Natural Hangover Cures To Save You

If you drank a little too much on your Sunday session whilst watching the rugby, then you’re probably looking for a savour today. Here are 6 foods to save your sore head/body today.

1. Bananas

It’s the best way to get potassium back into your body and they’re not harsh on your stomach.


2. Tomato or chicken soup

The salt in tomato or chicken varieties helps you retain water, and if you’ve been vomiting, you’ll need their potassium and sodium in your body, which returns your electrolytes back to baseline. Added bonus is that salt makes you thirsty, so it forces you to rehydrate.


3. Coffee

It might seem like an obvious one for energy, but caffeine dilates blood vessels which helps you get rid of that headache quicker. It also makes your brain function a little better!


4. Coconut water

This is an amazing way to rehydrate your body. One carton has more than enough potassium to get you back on track (it’s the main ingredient you need to feel better). This is a great one for people who can’t stomach water the morning after. Just look how happy Rihanna is.


5. Eggs

Eggs are packed with protein and help to clean up the left over toxins from alcohol.


6. Green tea

Green tea is filled with antioxidants which will clean up your liver. Adding rosemary or lavender to it will also help if you’re feeling nauseous.


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