5 Ways To Relax

We all have very busy schedules so it’s important to take time out to unwind the body and mind. Here’s 5 ways you can switch off:

1. Have a bath

Heat is one of the best things to relax your body. A hot bubbly bath will do you wonders and surround yourself with candles and incense for that extra bit of zen. If you have really achy muscles, get yourself some Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak for a deep-heat-aroma therapeutic experience.


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2. Try Yin Yoga

Yin is a slow paced yoga that holds poses for longer giving your body a wonderful stretch. It calms and balances the mind and body and works out all that tension in your muscles. You’ll sleep like a baby afterwards trust us!


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3. Get an aromatherapy massage

It’s important to treat yourself sometimes, especially when you’re stressed. Going for an aromatherapy massage is a great way to relax the mind and body. The lavender used in the massage oil is scientifically proven to reduce stress levels whilst the massage itself releives tension in the muscles. It’s one of our favourite ways of de-stressing!


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4. Drink wine and eat chocolate

Yes, we’re serious. Chocolate is high in magnesium which is a natural relaxant, and it also increases endorphin levels so makes you nice and happy. One glass of wine to go with will make you extra stress free.


Photo // Well and Tribune

5. Listen to your favourite music

Taking some time out to lie on the sofa with your favourite music has proven to reduce stress levels. Music can give feelings of euphoria and pleasure in the brain – it increases the production of dopamine which plays an important role in reducing stress. So kick off your shoes, put in your headphones and have some you time.


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