5 Ways To Inject Art Deco Into Your Home

The Art Deco era appeared after World War I and reigned from the 1920’s until the 1940’s where it diminished after World War II. It brought about bold colours, geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation (think Gatsby), to which all was associated with wealth and glamour. Here’s a few ways to put a little Art Deco into your home.

1. Go geo

Geometric prints were all the rage in this era – the bolder you were with it the more you were in fashion. Work with printed wallpaper for a wow factor!

art deco wallpaper

Image // Pinterest

2. Ornate & interesting

Art Deco was all about the detail. Whether it was an ornate door handle or candle stick on the mantle piece, or a decadent chrome mirror on the wall, the over-use of these objects proved ones wealth after the frugality of the war.

art deco living room

Image // Cinema Style

3. Black & colour

Black and white were often used as a base colour during this period, and paired with pops of colour like red and green with accent colours in gold and chrome.

art deco interiors

Image // Motehistorie

4. Think like an Egyptian

When travel became more common after the ’20s, influences from Africa, in particular Egypt, spread to the West with hieroglyphics and sphinxes appearing on fabrics and ornaments for the home.

Egyptian interiors

Image // Interiors by Studiom

5. Lacquered wood & velour 

Wooden furniture always had a high gloss finish and chairs and sofas were furnished in a velour fabric for a luxurious feel.

art deco chair

Image // Etsy

Featured Images // Flash decor //Styleathome

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