5 Ways To Dress Your Open Plan Room

Open plan spaces are a blessing, you have so much room to work with and can shape it any way you want. They can however sometimes seem a little intimidating because it’s just one big open space – where to start, right? So here’s a few ideas for you to make that space feel homely and structured.

1. Statement art work

Whether it’s fine art or photography you have a penchant for, get some statement pieces to fill big blank walls. It’ll not only personalise them but also close the space in a little.


Image // Luvocravy

2. Oversized rugs

Lay an oversized rug under your main seating area to make the area feel like it’s blocked off. One with patterns will make more of a statement.


Image // Refinery29

3. Bold wallpaper

If you have high ceilings or the space is quite wide, then use a wallpaper on the walls, or even just one wall, to make the room more intimate.


Image // BlogLovin

4. Divide & concur

Open plan rooms should be divided into different areas for different activities, i.e. dining, lounging, working etc. So structure the furniture in such a way that it blocks off your separate areas.


Image //  The Snug

5. Connect colours

Use an accent colour around the room to connect all the areas together. This could be done with a yellow cushion linking to a yellow painting by the dining table, which links to a yellow kettle in the kitchen. Your accent colour doesn’t need to be much, just a little something to bring the space together.


Image // BlogLovin

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